doesn't have to mean low quality. PrimeSites can look as professionally-designed as any other site, or you can choose to easily configure your account with the Site Settings controls to make full use of the PrimeSite framework!

Absolutely no software to install - works with all modern major web browsers in any platform.

Access your account at any time: at home, at your office or even on vacation. As long as you have access to the internet, changes are just a few clicks away.

Create, edit and remove site pages as you wish - WHEN you wish - with no page count limitations and easy changes using familiar "Office-Style" editing tools.

Instant site updates - no publishing, uploading or saving - in just a few clicks, your site is changed.

Enjoy the ability to change your site design, link colors and color scheme at any time.

Fully customize your site appearance with our optional advanced HTML code feature.

Optimize your site for greater search engine results with user-defined keywords, site descriptions and titles. PrimeSite also features unique page keywords and text-based page queries to greater improve your rankings.

Starting at 100MB web space, you can link to any type of file and format that your site visitors can download for previewing or printing!

More PrimeSite features...

PrimeSite™ is a unique, all-in-one website solution that redefines traditional web site publishing software. It offers easy-to-use browser-based utilities to manage the many aspects of creating and maintaining a website.

PrimeSite™ is perfect for startups, organizations or individuals that want to lay out a minimum of money for a quality web presence, and it comes in three distinct levels - each upgrade inclusive of the previous level:

are never a big deal. If you're paying for someone to update your site, take control of it yourself and make changes on your time and at no extra charge! Add pages, reorder them, move images around your pages... create links to files on your account. Do whatever you want with your PrimeSite!

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